Yummy pretty cupcakes
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One box of strawberry cake mix 2-8oz packages of Philidephia cream cheese sofen to room tempeture. One packet of Koolaid Lemonade 1-7oz containor of Jet-Puffed marshmellow creme 1/3cups of powder sugar 8oz of Coolingwhip toping Confetti Sprinkles and party straws


Make acording to the box and bake up to 24 Cupcakes place in cupcake tins the cool completely

In a mixing bowl, cream together the following: cream cheese, Lemonade and yellow food coloring until completly smooth.

Beat the marshmellow creme and powder sugar into cream mixture then fold with cool-whip until smooth

Spoon frosting into a zip top bag that has a piping hole tip into one corner

Pipe frosting on the tops of each cupcake

Decorate as desierd

Refrigerate and served it chilled


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